Robb Spearman, Co-Owner of Realty ONE Group Life Style

Robb Spearman, A serial entrepreneur from the United States, has led an illustrious real estate career that has seen him launch several real estate businesses, honored by the Wall Street Journal, ranked in the top 50 salesperson in the US, revolutionize the property agency – real estate professional relationship, and spearhead over 35,000 real estate transactions.

This wealth of experience has culminated in overseeing the expansion of Realty ONE Group, into the US Midwest region as well as launching internationally into Singapore along with his wife, a Singaporean citizen, Sock Hoon Spearman.

Robb’s first lesson in passion and perseverance was fortuitous, beginning as he took his place on his school’s 7th grade basketball team. Self-described as “not good at all”, Robb’s MVP dreams were swiftly shattered when his coach told him he’d never make it off the bench for a game. Where others might begrudgingly accept their fate, Robb attended every practice and began joining 8th grade practices too in order to hone his abilities. His coach simply couldn’t ignore Robb’s unwavering commitment, which saw Robb not only make it off the bench, but also play in every game of the season.

The experience had a significant impact on Robb’s outlook, arming him with evidence that he could achieve anything to which he set his mind. To this day, his life and career are defined by his capacity for laser focus and an unrelenting drive to overcome challenges.

Upon completing high school, Robb entered the AIB College of Business in Des Moines, where he graduated with a Business Administration Degree. Here, he honed the communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills that would lay a powerful foundation for the vast array of entrepreneurial journeys that would follow.

After college, Robb leveraged his business acumen and established Landmark Associates, a health and life insurance agency. He quickly realized that what he was truly passionate about was helping people achieve their goals, and decided to pivot his career into the real estate industry. In 1990, he took up a role as a mortgage broker, where he was able to aid homeowners in securing their financial future. Still, this wasn’t enough to satisfy Robb’s natural curiosity, drive, and desire to impact people’s lives. After five years as a mortgage broker, he shifted his formidable ambition to the dynamic world of real estate sales.

Between 1995 and 2005, he shot his way up the ranks in the industry, drawing on his innovative way of thinking and genuine passion for connecting with people. During this time, he ranked in the Top 20 Yearly in DMAAR for sold units, earned the DMAAR Circle of Excellence Award for several years, was honored as one the Top 50 Individual Agents in Units Sold by The Wall Street Journal out of one million realtors, and was ranked #3 out of 120,000 realtors in Units Sold by RE/MAX Worldwide.

As he was reaching the apex of his career as a realtor, Robb was quietly growing frustrated with the status quo. Where others might have been content riding the wave of success, Robb wanted a new challenge in real estate brokerage. He wanted more freedom and the ability to earn 100% commission, which ultimately led him to launch his own firm that would revolutionize the industry and empower real estate professionals to make a genuine impact.

In 2000, Robb launched the independent brokerage firm, Real Estate Concepts, with just $500 capital. He had no external sources of funding and no client base but, drawing on the lesson he’d learnt in 7th grade basketball, he knew that nothing would define his journey to success except for his own hard work and determination.

After spending most of his real estate career interacting with buyers and sellers, at Real Estate Concepts Robb learnt that the realtor was the one true customer of the brokerage. Always agile in his approach, Robb shifted the focus of Real Estate Concepts to focus purely on realtors, where he spearheaded a culture that would empower realtors to grow their businesses with the rigorous training, cutting-edge technological tools, and insightful resources provided by Real Estate Concepts.

Throughout his career, Robb has consistently been the first-to-market with innovative ideas, marketing strategies, and operational processes that are, today, standard in the real estate marketplace. Real Estate Concepts was one of the first brokerages to syndicate listings to a wide variety of websites, utilize eSignatures, make commission payments via Direct Deposit, and offer agents a flexible work environment that included drop-in offices, iMac computers, and meetings via video call.

Over the next twelve years, Robb would grow Real Estate Concepts to over 200 agents and convert it into a RE/MAX franchise before exiting the business in 2016. In 2018, he purchased the regional rights to Realty ONE Group for Iowa, Nebraska, and the Greater Kansas City area in partnership with his wife, Sock.

While his business changed, his passion remains consistent. Over the years, facilitating realtors in growing their businesses and realizing their dreams remains his biggest source of pride. Beyond any awards, recognition, or numbers, he considers his singular greatest achievement to be the lives he’s been able to impact through his career as a real estate broker.

Under Robb and Sock’s expert guidance, Realty ONE Group added 400 agents to their region and expanded their footprint to include offices in Omaha, Overland Park, North Kansas City, Quad Cities, West Des Moines, Sioux City, Mason City, Clear Lake, Lake Mills, Forrest City, Polk City, Baxter, Dubuque and Iowa City.

In 2019, Robb launched Realty ONE Group Impact in West Des Moines in partnership with Adam Grubb, the owner of Jerry’s Homes. Currently, they have 155 agents operating in the West Des Moines area.

Shortly after, Robb and Sock purchased the franchise rights from Realty ONE Group for Singapore, marking the first international expansion for Realty ONE Group outside of the United States and Canada. They are currently in the process of opening the first United States-owned property agency in Singapore in August 2022.

Robb and Sock currently live between West Des Moines, Iowa, Scottsdale, Arizona and Singapore. They’re proud parents of a son and twin daughters who currently attend the University of Iowa and Iowa State University.

When he’s not working, Robb can be found cycling, running, and spending time with Sock in their backyard. He no longer plays basketball but, ever the proud sports fanatic, he retains season tickets to the Phoenix Suns games.