Realty ONE Group is a Modern, Lifestyle Real Estate Brand.

What started as a small family-owned brokerage has quickly turned into an international real estate phenomenon. With over 400 offices in the United States, as well as offices in Canada, Singapore, Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and even more international expansion on the horizon!

Founded in 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada, by industry disruptor, Kuba Jewgieniew, Realty ONE Group was poised to do great things from the start. The UNBrokerage, as it’s known in real estate, opened its inaugural office with over a couple dozen Real Estate Professionals and has become a mammoth as our own professionals are our most loyal fans and are our own recruiters.

Robb Spearman, a serial entrepreneur from the United States, has led an illustrious real estate career that has seen him launch several real estate businesses, honored by the Wall Street Journal, ranked in the top 50 salesperson in the US, revolutionize the property agency – real estate professional relationship, and spearhead over 35,000 real estate transactions.

This wealth of experience has culminated in overseeing the expansion of Realty ONE Group, into the US Midwest region as well as launching internationally into Singapore along with his wife, a Singaporean citizen, Sock Hoon Spearman.

“We are a family of equals who are proud of each other and what we are building and creating alongside ONE another. The success of our coolture is supported by our philosophy that everyONE has a voice. By sharing a common passion with a positive attitude and igniting WOW experiences, we’re creating raving fans who fuel our dynamic coolture as we paint the globe gold as ONE,” said Robb Spearman.

Our Purpose: Opening doors across the globe–ONE home, ONE dream, ONE life at a time.

Our Manifesto: You have ONE life to live. ONE chance to make it meaningful and ONE opportunity to live with no regrets. Take risks, be bold, seize the day and lead with respect. Your circumstances will change, people will change, you will change. Be open to it, embrace it, live it. EveryONE matters and every ONE has a voice.

Our 6Cs are at the core of everything we do, COOLTURE, Commissions, Coaching, Community, Connect and Care.


We value unity and having fun. It’s not the only thing that makes us stand out, but it’s ONE we’re very proud of. Our coolture is so unique that we had to create our own word for it.

We value real estate professionals, empowering them to achieve greater success, faster. Because our real estate professionals are first in our eyes, their success matters most. They did the work, and they should keep their commission.

We value people and help develop them through our proprietary education system. We invest in people because it’s the right thing to do. From our employees to our real estate professionals, we see your success as our own.

We value communities and vow to make an impact across Singapore. What we do today matters. We care about the communities in which we live, work and play. We want to make a difference.

We value innovation that connects people through technology and branding. Real estate is a personal business. While tech and marketing will enhance the experience for everyONE, it can never replace our professionals.

We value relationships and celebrate everyONE. We believe that everyONE matters. We work every day to show how much we care and it shows in the support and service we provide.