District 17: Changi Airport and Changi Village

Located at the easternmost end of the island, District 17 may not seem like an ideal place for residential living at first glance thanks to the “ulu” or remote vibes that you may expect from living at the fringes of a country.

However, being home to Singapore’s world-renowned aviation hub Changi Airport, lifestyle destination Jewel @ Changi, popular eating hotspot Changi Village, and proximity to Changi Business Park, makes all the difference.

Situated in the far east of Singapore, District 17 includes:

  • Changi Airport: Being near Singapore’s bustling international aviation hub offers many exciting recreational opportunities – from being a short bus ride away to your vacation flight to enjoying the massive lifestyle hub that is Jewel@ Changi.
  • Changi District: Outside of the airport, Changi is a quiet and private residential neighbourhood, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Parks and Sports Centres

For residents looking to get their daily dose of exercise in nature, there’re plenty of areas in the vicinity to choose from.

To enjoy a relaxing sea view with your walk, there’s the Changi Boardwalk situated along the coast, or the Changi Point Waterfront Park to choose from. For larger parks with more amenities, there’s Changi Beach Park, where you can indulge in cycling, barbeque with the family, or simply relax on the sandy beaches.

Like to get your adrenaline going with sporting activities? There are plenty of sports centres like the Changi Beach Club Sports to the NSRCC Sea Sports Centre in the vicinity that offers everything from golfing, and bowling to water sports.

Heritage Attractions

Once an important district in our British colonial history, many of the historical buildings of significance dating back to World War II have been preserved in District 17, serving as reminders of our tumultuous past.

Key historical places of interest in District 17 include Changi Chapel & Museum which offers an in-depth look into Singapore’s history under the Japanese Occupation, the Old Changi Hospital (an infamous “haunted” relic from the 1930s), and of course Changi Prison, a maximum-security prison where Prisoners of War were kept confined in WWII, amongst others.

Schools, Libraries, and Other Public Facilities

Flanked by two bustling nearby neighbourhoods, Pasir Ris and Tampines, District 17 has the benefits of all the access to typical public facilities without giving up on their peace and quiet.

With twice the number of community centres, bustling neighbourhood centres, libraries, malls, and their very own public hospital, Changi General Hospital, residents in District 17 have plenty of choices for all their daily needs.

When it comes to schools, both expat and local families are spoiled for choice with plenty of options to choose from in the vicinity. This includes East Spring Primary School, Changkat Primary School, Changkat Changi Secondary School, Anglican High School, White Sands Primary School, Easy Spring Secondary School, St. Hilda’s Primary School, The Japanese School Singapore, ITE College East, and Singapore University of Technology & Design.

Food & Beverages (F&B) and Retail Options

With the ever-popular foodie hotspot Changi Village Hawker Centre for affordable local cuisine, and Jewel@ Changi’s mind-boggling array of international cuisines, District 17 residents will never have to worry about food.

When it comes to entertainment and retail, Jewel @Changi is also the answer! With more than 280 brands and shops, not including the many other shops in the other airport terminals, what more can anyone ask for?

Access By Land, Air & Sea

Unlike any other district in Singapore, District 17 offers unparalleled access via land, air, and sea. For air travel, there’s Changi Airport. And for sea travel, there’s the nearby Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

When it comes to travelling within the island, the Changi Airport MRT station (East-West Line) and Upper Changi MRT Station (Downtown Line) provide quick and convenient access to key parts of the island.